The Complete Business Marketing Toolbox



A street smart Marketing education like you never had before. A crash course in cunning tactics and savvy strategies that will give your business an incredible shot in the arm… not for a day or two, but forever.

In plain and simple language, downright dead easy concepts are explained and illustrated with practical examples that will have you just itching to get on and make the work for you.

Amongst a smorgasbord of ideas you’ll hear:

  • Straightforward steps that guarantee you write compelling copy for brochures
  • Simple little touches that make your business card stand out from the crowd
  • How to get your creative juices flowing even if you think you don’t have them
  • Making outrageous promises that have people sitting up and taking notice
  • How to uniquely position your business so its the only one prospects choose
  • How to virtually guarantee that your advertisements work like crazy
  • What you absolutely have to do about your logo and letterhead. right now
  • How to get advertisements, letters and brochures written for virtually no cost
  • What you must know about logos on web sites or suffer the consequences
  • Where to find marketing help when you really do need it
  • Where to get smart and nifty secrets from great marketing geniuses
  • How to create a call to action for a brochure or leaflet that really works its butt off!

And you’ll find all of it incredibly valuable. Then you’ll tune into a stack of stuff that gives you the lowdown on

  • What to do so you never, ever have to telephone cold or make a cold call again
  • How to use the famous letter where you actually mail a bar of soap
  • The secrets to sales letters that really do get read and produce phenomenal results
  • Some little known, amazingly simple tricks to use in sales letters
  • The extraordinary power of PS’s, testimonials, and guarantees and how to use them
  • Some rarely mentioned, and therefore unfortunately little used, great mailing tips.

And there’s much, much more and amongst the many gems which Joe and Winston really get into is mind-blowing information like this:

  • They reveal a secret place where you can see fantastic letters
  • And tell you what you must do about Yellow Pages adverts
  • As well as explaining how to use the headline formula
  • And what the legendary John Caples’ 7 advertising secrets are that you can use.
  • Because they are both cyberspace savvy you get the low down on web sites
  • And find out exactly how to get people to come to your web site
  • Along with the secrets of using affiliates and e-newsletters
  • Coupled with some practical and easy to use ways of getting into search engines.
  • How to go about using one of the most seriously potent forms of marketing
  • Plus the good oil on creating a news release that works ‘Joe style’
  • And an almost unassailable way of getting stacks and stacks of business for free.

All this and much more in over 240 minutes of very easy, very exciting listening that will generate an avalanche of prospects for your business all itching to buy.


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