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Welcome to Business Marketing Monthly for July 2013!

You can buy the whole July 2013 issue for $15, or individual tracks for $2 each – all full of great ideas from an Australian Marketing Genius, Winston Marsh, and his select panel of experts.

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2Know your market: What you can learn from dog food.
In this refreshing and inspirational article Winston uses the story of a dog food manufacturer to drive home what's important in making marketing work.
3The key to success: Adapting to change (Terry Brock)
Terry Brock a regular contributor to Business Marketing based in the USA and expert in all aspects of technology shares some key secrets to making change work for you.
4Using audio to market your business, part 4 of a series (with Donna Hanson).
In this fourth episode Donna Hanson, who has been hugely successful in building her business using simple web techniques, reveals some very simple and amazingly practical ideas guaranteed to work.
5How to get really great testimonials, part 2
Testimonials are such an important part of proving the credibility of both products and services you offer, that Winston is giving chapter and verse on how to get ones that work.
6Blogging made easy, part 4 Health Professionals (Gihan Perera)
Gihan Perera believes that every business should be using blogs effectively. The trouble is that many don't know how to tackle it. In this series of articles he reveals how various professions and trades can make blogging work for them. This month it’s health professionals.
7Letter of the Month.
Communicating with customers, clients and prospects is so important and yet so many people make a mess of it. As he does every month, Winston dissects a letter or e-mail that has caught his attention and can be adopted and adapted to work you. This month the "stupid request for referrals" letter.
8Ask your customers for help in making decisions (Jurek Leon)
Long-time contributor to business marketing, Jurek Leon, says that getting feedback from customers is a great way to make the best decisions in your business. Here he explains how to do it.
10How to generate heaps of prospects, part 13
In this fascinating ongoing series of articles on the simple way to generate heaps and heaps of prospects, Winston has been taking listeners through the techniques and templates needed to ensure that you always have an endless supply of prospects. In this article he continues discussing tips and tricks of making a blog work for you.
11Communicating across cultures (interview) Barbara John
Voice coach, Barbara John, last month revealed how to have a silver tongue and a golden voice. In this episode she reveals some tips to make it easy to effectively communicate across cultural boundaries. The result is just that… great communication.

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